Online event for the Elimination of violence against women – 25/11/2020

“Never forget that a political, economic, or religious crisis will be enough for the rights of women to be questioned once more. These rights are never to be taken for granted, you must remain vigilant all your life.” Simone de Beauvoir


What happened on the 25th November?

Reminder: 25th November was the International Day for the Elimination of domestic violence against women, as stated in our last article. This day is held in the initiative of the United Nations Assembly and mobilize many  institutions, (non-profit) organisations and governments all over the world to eliminate all kind of violence against women, girls as well as men.

Come Una Marea Onlus, an Italian non-profit organisation and our partner in the FLAVIE project, launched an event in which was compared the historical situation of violence against women in Europe until today.

Indeed, the event started with a history on the evolution of women in the society and some relevant mythologist’s figures such as Iphigenia or others feminine figures. The concept of sacrifice which is also associated to women throughout history was introduced, including the difficulty to escape from this fatality and perception nowadays.

Many speakers (psychologist, organisation leaders) shared their experience (both theoretical and practical) and the importance for women who face violence to interact and manage to share what they are going through. Also, the essential aspects of relationship with others to prevent violence.

Other partners from the project were invited to present their research and share data about their country. Guirlande from Mexpert had the opportunity to speak about the Swedish reality. From a specific violence, all partners pictured the same issue related to the domestic violence case presented in their country. Considering data about the situation in different countries, domestic violence and violence in general remain a big issue, which require good institutions and good practices in terms of policies, specific skills and tools. Above all, it appears that these rights are fragile and require a constant and long-term work.

Many thanks to our partner Come Una Marea Onlus for the invitation and powerful event Guirlande and Necmettin from Mexpert had the chance to take part to!

Flavie updates? Kick-Off meeting is coming soon! Stay tuned.