Our Story

“Our love for business”

Husband and wife team Necmettin and Charlotte are the co-founders of Mobilizing Expertise.

Both come from non-formal education backgrounds so setting up a business based on creating tools and providing services in education was an opportunity not to be missed! 


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An interview with our co-founders: 

What came first: business or love?

Charlotte: Love but not long after business, projects and our entrepreneurial ideas followed!

Necmettin: We’re a classic Erasmus Plus love story. We had experience working in different NGOs and organisations we wanted to re-focus our energy and ideas in one place. So Mobilizing Expertise was born!


What’s your best advice for balancing your work and love lives?

Charlotte: The lines between business and love are often blurred — and that’s OK. We naturally found our areas so that works really well for us. We let each other lead certain part of the business but we’re a team so we still have those developing conversations and come back together at crucial moments! “‘Divide and conquer’ is our moto. We can’t do everything and as our business has expanded we can’t do a lot of jobs together nowadays like we might have done previously.

Necmettin: Balance is a bit of an illusion for entrepreneurs. We love what we do! We can sit at home and discuss important work decisions or work on our computers and at the same time we can take a walk or lunch break together during the day. 


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