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  • “I take part in every step of the gallery’s life”

    “I take part in every step of the gallery’s life”

    “Bonjour ! My name is Malika, I’m 29 and I’m from Dunkerque, the northest city of France. I’m here in Lund, Sweden, for a six weeks internship in an art gallery named OBRA.  In France, I work in the field of contemporary art as a project manager. My location is a cultural crossed-road between my Region, Great…

  • Say Hi To Me

    Say Hi To Me

    Hi im Yılmaz Can and im 18 years old from Turkey. I was born in Brooklyn NYC but when i was born ı went  back to the Turkey/Ankara. This is my first time abroad and im very lucky to be with Mobilising Expertise Being part of Mobilizing Expertise family is so good for me because…

  • Meet Areej

    Meet Areej

    Hi I am Areej and I am glad to join Mobilizing Expertise. It is great to be in this part of Lund actually, it is inspiring and really motivating. I am from Damascus Syria, where I studied Business administration at the University. Being from Damascus the oldest inhabited capital in the world, I inherited a…

  • Welcome Asha

    Welcome Asha

    Hi, I am Asha. I am so happy that I got an opportunity to work with Mobilizing Expertise AB. I am interested in immigrant integration issues and youth capacity development. I earned a Masters degree in Urban Studies from Malmö University in 2020. My professional experience is from Sri Lanka, where I served as a…

  • Erikshjäplen Internships: Sofia and Silvia

    Erikshjäplen Internships: Sofia and Silvia

    We are very grateful to cooperate with our colleagues at Erikshjäplen Lund and Åkarp who provide internships for several of our international interns. Check out Sofia and Silvia’s story!

  • Internship Stories: Practice makes perfect

    Internship Stories: Practice makes perfect

    Today we are sharing 3 interns experiences in their new internship placements. We are thankful for our cooperation with South Plains Brewery and Integration För Alla.     

  • Breathe out…

    Breathe out…

    Follow Dominika as she shares her experiences of two international experiences abroad through our Erasmus+ trainings and internship. “Every moment of those projects lasted for a little while, but it stayed inside. It is so important to cherish those moments, live yourself into them, be grateful and breathe in…”

  • Gardeniser in Austria

    Gardeniser in Austria

    Today we share Frida’s experience in her internship in Austria in the Gardeniser project.    

  • Introduction of our new internship group

    Introduction of our new internship group

    Mobilizing Expertize, of course hosting interns, but we are also finding the hosting companies for young people who want to work in specific fields. So today we gonna introduce you Sofia, as well as Fiona, Thibault and Pierre who are working in different companies in research, marketing, store management and even within a Brewery! Let’s…

  • New team member: Mathieu from France !

    New team member: Mathieu from France !

    My name is Mathieu and I come from Paimpol, a little port in France. I am 29 years old and decided a bit more than one year ago to change my field of works, from Literature to Web Development. After a brief formation I was looking for an internship and I thought an experience abroad…