New team member: Mathieu from France !

My name is Mathieu and I come from Paimpol, a little port in France.

I am 29 years old and decided a bit more than one year ago to change my field of works, from Literature to Web Development. After a brief formation I was looking for an internship and I thought an experience abroad would be a big plus.

I am looking to improve my English skills, to explore Sweden and its specificities, in top of discovering a new corporate culture. I think Mexpert, with its various projects, international reach, and focus on education, will be the ideal structure for me to integrate.

And about Sweden, as far as I can tell for the few days I have been spending here, it is really a great city for a foreigner to live in: nearly everybody speaks English and gladly answers my questions, Malmö architecture is a delight, bus system is easy to understand, conversion from crown to euro is simple and there is a ton of parks and sport equipment.

So far, I am loving it and the following looks promising!