“I take part in every step of the gallery’s life”

“Bonjour ! My name is Malika, I’m 29 and I’m from Dunkerque, the northest city of France. I’m here in Lund, Sweden, for a six weeks internship in an art gallery named OBRA. 

In France, I work in the field of contemporary art as a project manager. My location is a cultural crossed-road between my Region, Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands and Nordic Europe so it is important to me to be able to communicate and connect with art professionals from those countries. Therefore, practicing my English and building a professional network are the reasons I applied for the Erasmus + programm. And is there a place more appropriate than Sweden when it comes to art, design and architecture ?

In the gallery, I have diverse assignments. I’m in contact with the artists as well as the buyers, I help the first ones and the curators in the set up of the exhibitions, from the preparation of the rooms to the choice of the shown works and I take part in every step of the gallery’s life.

My tutors trust me and it’s really rewarding ! It’s an experience I will remember for sure.”







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