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  • IDE Project

    IDE Project

    On the cadre of the “IDE 3.0” project, a meeting was held in Örkelljunga, a little village in the south of Sweden, for one week from 16 to 20th May, with the various partners working on this subject. The week began on Monday evening with a presentation of different attendees through a playful game that […]

  • Colibri Birds

    Colibri Birds

    On the cadre of the “Colibri Birds” project, we welcomed our partners for meeting on Tuesday 10 May in Lund, to discuss and continue planning the progress of the project concerning the IO1: “Second chance” for Empowering Capability of Women Training Module. The day began at 10h30 with typical Fika, and general evaluation with all […]

  • Newsletter – Bicycle Day

    Newsletter – Bicycle Day

    What you’re about to read can turn what might be the most boring part of your workday into one of the better parts of your work week. Here it is: get out of your vehicle and the annoying traffic and onto a bicycle. The bicycle is the simplest means of transport, but its use has numerous […]

  • LTTA in Turin – Newsletter

    LTTA in Turin – Newsletter

    Resilience Break through Resilience project is about giving and reflecting the tools that enable people, places & communities to be more resilient. Not just to bounce back but to break through whatever diversities that arise. There are two main goals of this project Adult Education Social Inclusion This project aims to explore the connection between […]



    EMIRE – Support the creation of a female professional identity through empowerment of migrant or refugee women Testimonial :  Being part of this 5-days journey in Perugia is one of my highlights in this year so far. With Mobilizing Expertise on my side it was fast organized. I could get to know the team in […]

  • Agenda 2030

    Agenda 2030

    On the cadre of “Agenda 2030” project, a meeting was held in Ascoli, a little city in centre of Italy, with the various partners working on this subject. The day began with a guided tour of the historic centre of Ascoli with the partners of Cyprus, Spain, Italy, and Greece. The visit provided and opportunity […]

  • Transnational Meeting in Edinburgh

    Transnational Meeting in Edinburgh

    Mobilizing Expertise was in Edinburgh between the 26-28th of April 2022 for Pulse Project.    

  • MEXPERT Internship Programme: meet Carlos

    MEXPERT Internship Programme: meet Carlos

    Hey, I´m Carlos, I´m 20 and I am from Malaga, Spain. I´m in Lund for three months as a part of the “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” program. After finishing my studies in filmmaking and graphic design, the opportunities in my home country were depressing. I´ve always wanted to live abroad, and I saw this project […]

  • Story Tourist – Meeting

    Story Tourist – Meeting

    On the 11th & 12th we had our partners from Latvia & Lithuania visit us for our transnational meeting as well as testing the board game we created for the Nordtournet3 project which is about intergenerational communication in Tourism. Our partners also came with their local Entrepreneurs to help us test the game and give […]

  • Introduction of our new internship group

    Introduction of our new internship group

    Mobilizing Expertise is happy to share 4 new people have joined our internship programme. In cooperation with Erikshjäplen åkarp and Lund, 4 Spanish students are completing a 3 month internship in the second hand store. It gives them chance to practise english, develop their skills and embrace the Swedish culture.