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  • Breathe out…

    Breathe out…

    Follow Dominika as she shares her experiences of two international experiences abroad through our Erasmus+ trainings and internship. “Every moment of those projects lasted for a little while, but it stayed inside. It is so important to cherish those moments, live yourself into them, be grateful and breathe in…”

  • Gardeniser in Austria

    Gardeniser in Austria

    Today we share Frida’s experience in her internship in Austria in the Gardeniser project.    

  • Internship Programme: Audrey and Theo

    Internship Programme: Audrey and Theo

    Today we are sharing you two stories from our internship programme who have done internships in Malmö in Knologram and RealityCheck. Here are their reflections of being in Sweden!

  • Spatial Footprints – What’s new?

    Spatial Footprints – What’s new?

    On the cadre of the “Spatial Footprints” project, a meeting was held in Tallinn from 16 to 17 June, a capital of Estonia, with the various partners working on this subject. The day began with modules presentations by the different partners about the work that has been done upstream, as well as the objectives and […]

  • LTTA in Amfissa – Newsletter

    LTTA in Amfissa – Newsletter

    Relisience – Mobilizing Expertise is delighted to share the fifth newsletter of the project. Click here

  • Newsletter 2 – Falvie Project

    Newsletter 2 – Falvie Project

    Hi Readers, Here a newsletter 2 about the  retrospective of a topic discussed during the Flavie project in Spain. ATENPRO – Care and Protection Service for female victims of gender-based violence Click here

  • Stress NPAD – Training Iceland

    Stress NPAD – Training Iceland

    On the cadre of the ”Stress NPAD” project, a meeting was held in Iceland during 3 days with all the partners: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Iceland. The Icelandic seminar will focus on three topics in order to achieve the main goal of the STRESS project, which is to: organize international trainings about active methods to […]

  • Mexpert’s internship programme

    Mexpert’s internship programme

    Hello everyone, I’m Simona, and I’m 18. I’m Bulgarian, but I have lived in Italy for 11 years in a small town near Venice. I have been waiting for the projector Erasmus+ for four years. I think it is an opportunity to give me work and education skills. It can also allow me to know […]

  • Equity


    On the cadre of the “EQUITY” project, we welcomed our partners for a meeting for two days from 2nd to 3rd June in Lund. The first day began with the presentation of the two-day meeting with our partner Sven in charge of the coordination. Then the discussion started when project partners presented their revised versions […]

  • Newsletter – Flavie project

    Newsletter – Flavie project

    Flavie Project Hello readers, During three days, the “Flavie Project” was held in Orihuela, a little city in the east of Spain, with our Spanish, Italian, Turkish and French partners. MEXPERT is delighted to share Flavie newsletter! Click here