Erasmus Days: support women, especially those facing violence.

The Erasmus days is an important event to promote European values, mobility benefits, besides Erasmus project results and conclusions.

The purpose is to exchange life learning experiences through sharing programs’ success stories. Each program is a key instrument for building a European education area supporting the implementation of the European strategy in the field of education and training.


With our deep belief in the need to support women, especially those facing violence, this project, FLAVIE, comes as a complement to the goal of Erasmus programs in this field. The project seeks to establish workshops to raise awareness among participants and volunteers about the importance of knowing women’s rights and how to support women exposed to psychological and social violence. Mentoring, Train-the-Trainer sessions, and workshops will be used as educational tools


In our project, Flavie, we are interested in all kinds of conflict issues in various fields, such as politics, society, and humanity. Flavie is a project promoting the human rights in general with women in spotlight. The project is working towards the prevention and protection of women from violence. The main goals of the project will be to promote common values of freedom, along with respect for society’s rights.