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  • Internship from Spain to Sweden !

    Internship from Spain to Sweden !

    Hello, here is the testimony of Gonzalo about his internship in Sweden. Hope you will enjoy it ! “My name is Gonzalo. I am from Spain, although, I have travelled and lived in a few countries. Before this, I lived in Dublin for 3 years and in Brisbane (Australia) for 1 year. It was after…

  • FinanzFit Magazine

    FinanzFit Magazine

    Hey there ! Let’s talk about one of our project !👋 Finanzfit is an Erasmus+ project co-funded by the European Union to help people with migrant backgrounds understand economic and financial issues within Europe. The project consists of eight partners from Germany, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Austria, and Turkey. Within this project, all partners had a…

  • Open Café 11/02

    Open Café 11/02

    Hej everyone! This week’s theme was music 👩‍🎤 Everybody that came was very excited about the idea of sharing their favorite kind of music with everybody 🎸 Something that became very apparent was that music is a formidable method for bringing people out of their shells, and comfort zones, people were even excited to share…

  • Partners meeting for The ArThee

    Partners meeting for The ArThee

    On the 8th of October we went to Sassari for the TheArThee project. This project is about helping people to feel integrated through theatre. The project started in 2020 and now it is almost done. During our meeting we discussed about the future handbook we going to write (which you will be able to find…

  • Introduction of our new internship group

    Introduction of our new internship group

    Mobilizing Expertize, of course hosting interns, but we are also finding the hosting companies for young people who want to work in specific fields. So today we gonna introduce you Sofia, as well as Fiona, Thibault and Pierre who are working in different companies in research, marketing, store management and even within a Brewery! Let’s…

  • 1rst live meeting for EQUITY !

    1rst live meeting for EQUITY !

    On the 4th of October 2021, the Mexpert team went to the first live meeting for Equity project. It is one of our new projects and we are pretty excited about this one. Equity is to give a chance to everybody, students, adults, migrants, trainers and educate them on what they need. To help them…

  • Partners meeting : FLAVIE

    Partners meeting : FLAVIE

    On the 29 September 2021 the Mobilizing Expertise team went to Palermo for the Flavie project. The aim of this project is fighting against gender violence. When you read this, you think, of course about violence against women but it can also be violence against men. We start this project with a presentation of all…

  • First workshop for Stress-NPAD

    First workshop for Stress-NPAD

    On the 23rd of September 2021 we went to Daugavpils for a project about woman’s stress. Being a working mom, especially during the covid-19 period is extremely complicated. People expect you to work more even after the regular working hours. A woman is expected to take care of her home (cleaning, cooking) and take care…

  • New team member: Mathieu from France !

    New team member: Mathieu from France !

    My name is Mathieu and I come from Paimpol, a little port in France. I am 29 years old and decided a bit more than one year ago to change my field of works, from Literature to Web Development. After a brief formation I was looking for an internship and I thought an experience abroad…

  • How to create an Open Café?

    How to create an Open Café?

    How to create your own Open Café ? The handbook is ready ! Find inspiration and methods here : #handbook #guidebook #opencafe #LanguageCafe #englishspeaking