IDE Project

On the cadre of the “IDE 3.0” project, a meeting was held in Örkelljunga, a little village in the south of Sweden, for one week from 16 to 20th May, with the various partners working on this subject.
The week began on Monday evening with a presentation of different attendees through a playful game that allowed us to get to know each other better.  Tuesday was divided into two parts: in the morning, non-formal activities to continue getting to know each other, and then a presentation of the project and expectations of everyone. The first activities started in the afternoon with workshops on general identity in the first instance and then more personal ones. Wednesday was a day focused on introducing art and games to encourage creativity.

The afternoon was spent visiting Helsingborg with free time for everyone. Thursday was the last meeting with different workshops proposed around creative drama on dance, teams’ games, drawing, and storytelling. After dinner, a general review of the week with the attendees was carried out to compare the expectations of the beginning of the week with the results obtained at the end of the week. As a result of this training, a week rich in human discovery, since the various workshops offered allowed us to focus on ourselves and others by looking for what makes up the identity of each person and how to live together while respecting each other. This week of training also allowed us to get to know people from different countries and share certain customs and cultural discoveries, allowing us to continue searching and discovering identity.

Finally, this week was also an opportunity for many of us to discover new ways of working and approaching certain subjects with non-formal activities, creative workshops, and fun team games.

In conclusion, this meeting was an opportunity to be immersed for a week in a concrete and topical project given the current context, particularly in Europe. The search for and respect for each other´s identity and sharing are notions that must be put forward today.