Mexpert’s internship programme

Hello everyone,

I’m Simona, and I’m 18. I’m Bulgarian, but I have lived in Italy for 11 years in a small town near Venice. I have been waiting for the projector Erasmus+ for four years. I think it is an opportunity to give me work and education skills. It can also allow me to know a new place and people and practice the language I know. This project can teach me many things about life, and it may be a guide for my future.

M- expert, where I’m working, is an efficient Swedish social enterprise for Nordic, European, and international projects. We are here for people, places, and communities. They value people’s knowledge. They believe in people, and that knowledge should be easy to access. Whatever they do, they want it to be; manageable, understandable, and most importantly, meaningful. Their action is to design education for all through social inclusion, creativity, and resilience. There is another beautiful thing that they do. They want to bring together people, places, and projects to create a sustainable future for a better Sweden, Europe, and the world. This social enterprise is a possibility to have a work, travel, and know new people. This future work can also help the people around me and me.

I came to Sweden because it s a very different country from where I went, and I can learn more skills and practice the language to improve my Englishmaybe to be comfortable and speak more at ease.

Hi everyone!

My name is Meng Ting, and I’m 18; I come from China, but for now, I live in Italy. I’m participating in the project Erasmus+, and I decided to participate in this program because this unique experience would help me to find my way forward and to improve my skills, mainly because I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and open and learn new cultures and social systems.

My company of internship is called Mobilizing Expertise in Lund, a small town in south Sweden, and efficient Swedish social enterprise for Nordic, European, and international projects. Before coming here, I still studied in the high school for tourism. Still, by way of this internship now, I would also like to work for an NGO to do something to protect human rights and society, such as mobilizing volunteers, providing training, creating educational tools, etc.

Finally, I hope that this internship of 5 weeks will allow me to discover new ideas and culture, to meet people from different countries, so it’s a chance to exchange different mentalities, traditions and culture.

Hi everyone,

I’m Alessandro, and I am 18 years old. I live in Due Carrare, a little town near Padova. I am studying Information Technology at the high school. I have just finished the fourth year and happily decided to participate in this Erasmus project.


Now I’m in Sweden, entering at Mexpert. I have decided to join this project because I thought this would be a unique experience that could teach me some valuable skills for my future job.  I’m so glad that I have decided to participate in this project, and I am sure I will gain so much from this. I am ready to work hard and know I can do my best.