Colibri Birds

On the cadre of the “Colibri Birds” project, we welcomed our partners for meeting on Tuesday 10 May in Lund, to discuss and continue planning the progress of the project concerning the IO1: “Second chance” for Empowering Capability of Women Training Module.

The day began at 10h30 with typical Fika, and general evaluation with all partners to find out what has been done so far. Then the meeting started with a presentation of Mobilizing Expertise. After the lunch break the other project partners, namely NATIONAL CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH “DEMOKRITOS” from Greece; Associação Social Recreativa e Cultural Bem Frazer Vai Avante from Portugal; SOCIO-CULTURAL AND ECONOMICAL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION, GAZIANTEP BUYUKSEHIR BELEDIYESI, Kadin ve Demokrasi Dernegi from Turkey; and lastly, CIVIC COMPUTING LIMITED from the United Kingdom, in their turn made their presentations. The various presentations provided many statistics on the different groups of women targeted by the project. The collection of all these data will allow the combination of related data to obtain accurate and quality statistics.

Clarifications were then made concerning the videos to be made by the various partners. The content was also explained in more detail to ensure understanding by all. This meeting was also an opportunity to pan the next meeting which, after discussion, will be held on 21st July in the United Kingdom.
Finally, we are closing the day with question and answer concerning the different topics discussed during the whole day of the meeting, followed by the presentation of certificates ceremony and acknowledgements.

In conclusion, the “Colibri Birds” project is taking more and more shape and is on the rights way, especially through the content work done by all partners. The next meeting in the UK will be an opportunity to see and finalise the latest on this project.