What’s the power in a cup of tea?

We were learning all about tea with the lovely Dakota from the @malmoladiesteaclub. As we are exploring AI and the impact it can have on a business it was very insightful chatting with Dakota and her perspective.
Malmö Ladies Tea Club is a small intimate group for women that meets monthly and shares much more than just tea. As well as the tea, discussions start flowing about people’s background, cultures and traditions. There are so many memories and special moment to be had another a nice warm drink with other people and sharing connections.

And that is what Dakota, the founder and owner, of the Malmö Ladies Tea Club reflects on. The use of this newer AI in her small group would take away that human connection, the greatness that makes the group successful. The people!
If you are interested in joining one of the Malmö Ladies Tea Club events check out their Facebook or Instagram. Events get booked up pretty quickly so sign up fast before your tea goes cold!
The interview was filmed as part of the #NordTournet4 project.