TheArThee project – A special experience for me!

Hey! I am Lidia Ichim from Romania. I’m 24 years old and I graduated Social work at University of Petrosani in Romania. I applied for Erasmus+ 2 years ago and now I am in Sweden, living here and had this great opportunity being part of an amazing project in Varna, Bulgaria.

This project was the best so far for me, with the aim to share and develop best practice in devising theatre with marginalised young people.

I learned so much from it and so many things that can help myself in different situations in life with different people.
I am very grateful and thankful for this opportunity and the chance I had to participate.

This project taught me more how to look at each individual in a non-judgemental way and that through theatre there are new ways to interact with people who have disabilities.

My experience there was a very complex one because I learned more about myself and I discovered more through theatrical methods. I have learned that we can be equal, but we must accept ourselves and help each other integrate. Alone is hard, but together we can.


One of the most important things I learned at this project is that each of us is equal to the other and has the opportunity to present itself in the way they think it’s the best.

I hope there are other opportunities like these where I can learn and spread new information that can help us in a major way.