The French touch comes in Sweden !

As a new intern in this organisation, I would like to introduce myself in a few lines and explains the reasons why I decided to come in this beautiful country, Sweden.

Hello everyone !

My name is Alice, I come from France and I have just finished my studies in Foreign Languages and Hospitality Management. I am looking for a job in the Hospitality sector in France but I wished to have a new professional experience abroad before. Thanks to the Erasmus + programme, I am able to stay 3 months in Ă–rkelljunga within the Hello Youth Organisation. 

Sweden was a thoughtful choice. I wanted to come to this country to discover the peaceful way of life, the different habits and the strong respect of nature and people. It is always interesting to learn a new culture because it allows to know how to welcome and understand people from different countries when working in the tourism sector. It is really essential. 

I expect to learn new working methods, to discover deeply the Swedish culture and to be involved in different projects with the hosting organisation. I would like to be able to share my abilities and knowledge with the other members of this organisation in order to help them achieve their goals and I wish to acquire new skills that I will be able to bring to my future workplace in France.

I am a friendly person who believes in harmony and humanity. I love to do artistic hobbies such as dancing, listening to different types of music and activities about self-expression. I also love learning and speaking different languages. I am able to speak French, English, Spanish and Russian but I also have notions in Swedish and Polish language. I am convinced that this internship will allow me to speak with people from different countries.