Spatial Footprints – Training on 04/06/2021

🌳 Spatial Footprints🌳 

A Nordplus project between Latvia🇱🇻, Lithuania 🇱🇹, Estonia 🇪🇪and Sweden 🇸🇪


Mobilizing Expertise has joined the Spatial Footprints Training on 04/06/21 which was remarkably interesting and fascinating!

We learned the different techniques and functions of Photography thanks to Artis Gustovskis from VisitKurzeme who is a known photographer in the industry. We learned about the different trends and analysis, photo influence marketing segmentation and photo analytics and about editing. 

We then saw the results of the the following techniques and functions:

🔹Rule of thirds🔹Golden Ratio 🔹Frame in frame 🔹Surrealism 🔹Low key high key 🔹Change in angle shooting from above or below  🔹Night photography 🔹Silhouette 🔹Street and Rural photography  🔹Close up Portraits  🔹Reflections and shadows  🔹Fast and long exposure 🔹Overlay

This was some of the basics mentioned as well as if you want to capture depth it is more than just Aperture. Above is an example of bottom to top taken by the trainer himself.

We then had a presentation on how to use the program ArcgisPro to detect Spatial changes using aerial and scanned maps. How to georeferenced using 3 control points and how to use map coordinates. It was also mentioned the different tools that this program offers that make it simpler such as swiping and transparency. This too was very interesting to see how much a place can change over time. This then prompts us to appreciate and capture the world around us.


Liepaja University – International Office

Creative Entrepreneurship for a Competitive Economy

Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences