SITID:OPEN CAFE – Outdoor Games

On 16th July, OPEN CAFE hosted an interactive session teaching participants different outdoor games suitable for youth group, children and even adults.

The great outdoors really is … great!

We spend a lot of our daily lives indoors so we encouraged this week’s OPEN CAFE to be outside – and is great for their general health and wellbeing.

While experiencing outdoor games, we discussed the benefits and gave some examples of how it helps children and youth take risks and learn about their own abilities.

Being outdoors also helped us connect with nature and the environment around us in Sweden. We used the opportunity of going outside together to talk to participants about the natural world.

The following week was HEALTH AND SPORTS ON 23rd July.

We discussed how we can promote and empower youth individuality through sports and eliminate gender barriers and promote health.

We discussed the following;

  • diet;
  • exercise;
  • alcohol;
  • smoking

Participates in the OPEN CAFE this week got a better knowledge of which types of lifestyles can be considered healthy and their was a strong tendency amongst some to change some of their unhealthy behaviours at
the workplace and outside.