Second Meeting in Samos for Immijobs

The second transnational meeting of the “Building the capacity of intermediary organizations to support the employment of third country citizens – IMMIJOBS” project was held in Samos (Greece) from September 30th to October 1st, which aims to develop practical strategies in support of businesses, for the employment inclusion of refugees and migrants.

During the meeting we had the opportunity to present the comparative analysis of survey’s results to highlight some common data, crucial for the development of the contents of the training course.

The training course targets 40 intermediary organizations (trade unions, chambers of commerce, social partners, vet ngos, employer associations/agencies) to increase their knowledge of the existing European documents and tools, and therefore improve their capacities to support the employment of third country nationals.

The intermediary organizations will foster the matching of apprentices with interested enterprises within the aim of the overall project which is, indeed, the work-based learning of refugees and newly arrived migrants through apprenticeships as well as the match of their skills to the needs of the local economy.

At a later time, the trained staff of the intermediary organizations will organize targeted actions such as information campaigns, web portal for employers and support to the matching in order to promote the swift integration of refugees and migrants into the labour market, through a strengthened cooperation and mobilization of employers.

With regard to the content of the training itself, CEIPES adopted the following methodology: a preliminary reading of the application form to select key words/topics as object of further analysis, then we were able to identify key documents and tools for the skill assessment of beneficiaries.

The consortium approved the program and then divided the work to be delivered to Sofia for the next meeting which will be held on  the next 10th and 11th February.

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