Resilience workshop by the Surefoot effect – 16th November 2020

On the 16th November, Guirlande from Mexpert and other participants from Italy, Scotland and Greece took part to the Resilience programme workshop which was held online and organized by  one of the partner of the Breakthrough for Resilience project, the Surefoot Effect. 

Here was the program of the workshop, as if you were almost there, but without the great company of the joyful team who joined… Key words which lead this time together were respect and self- participation.

In the first part, different exercises and principles that can enhance resilience through places, communities, and people as well as individual perspective have been presented. Indeed, these resilience tools can be applied to the individual scale as well as to the communities in different scales. For example, the resilience of people to have an impact on climate change and the resilience of our community later on, which reminds this famous quote most people know “Be the change you want to see in the world“. It starts with you. Indeed, personal resilience can enhance community resilience in a virtuous circle.

Group discussions were created after the presentation of each resilience tool. Relevant resilience tools were proposed such as the Resilience compass, the Wheel of reality, the Mandala, collaborative art to define a community, and physical exercise.

The Resilience compass stresses out the Dimensions’ states of community resilience and one of the activity of the workshop was to adapt these dimensions to natural spaces. Then, from the wheel of life, participants’ own concerns were identified and marked from one to ten. As a result, areas which can be improved and worked on have been improved through reflection.

The last tool which was presented was the the Kashina tool. Participants had to find a city and imagine how it can be sustained. The aim of this activity was about the idea of building a community by restoring it and recognizing that when change happens it can also be for the best. We can apply this to the community, in the workplace, in our everyday life, in different topics such like disability or social inclusion. The idea is seeing constraints as opportunities. Being resilient.

Let’s practice: One thing that you are really grateful for in the last week is …

Many thanks to the Surefoot Effect team for this quality workshop and possibility to gather online but still in an international environment, which is more than needed nowadays.

Next turn will be Mexpert for a video-making workshop, stay tuned, stay safe!