Progress of the week: Updates

Each Thursday is dedicated to Mexpert’s office meeting, an important time used by the team to discuss ongoing projects and activities but also to reflect and bring ideas to reality by brainstorming, trying to create new tools or just update ourselves about what could be developed in the way we work for example.

Here was the progress of the week, around a cup of tea and chocolate cookies to stay inspired:

-Discussing the progress of some of our projects

-Guirlande and Ali presented to the team their research  and work on Extremism and Radicalization, regarding the implementation of sports activities to encourage social inclusion, equal opportunities and to prevent radicalization, a complex and current issue involving many fields, which needs to be developed as a long-term process.

-Memouna presented to the team the video in progress for the Simply included project.

-The team had the pleasure to see the progress of Mexpert’s coming application to reflect at the end of our trainings. The choice of the name, logo and design have been decided: let’s keep the suspense until its finalization… And many thanks to the talented Memouna and Sacha!

So what’s next? 

Next months will be for sure full of new opportunities and creation of outputs for the different projects we take part to, from the creation of online platforms, games and guidelines to the implementation of new trainings.

Stay tuned!