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Our Projects

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About the project:

Literacy Act


Basic literacy, transversal skills and competences for adult migrants through Community Theatre

The LiteracyAct project is addressed to education professionals, trainers, artists, voluntary workers in the field of migration and adult education at national and European level, as well as to Policy makers responsible for adult education. Its main objectives are:
Developing and disseminating language/cultural learning strategies based on theatre activities




Planning, development and delivery of the project’s goals will include:
• 4 Transnational Meetings: 20 people from partner organizations involved as educators, trainers, experts.
• 1 Joint Staff Training: 20 people involved from partner organizations staff
• 4 Multiplier Events: 600 participants expected from associations, institutions from the adult education / migrants’ issues field

O1 – LiteracyAct Desk Research: collection of good practices based on educational theater activities aimed at developing basic skills in disadvantaged situations, to be published on relevant European platforms
O2 – LiteracyAct Labs: creation of a Toolkit based on 3 piloting workshops involving different approaches to learning through theater. Workshops are based on active spectatorship, creative acting / authorship, critical appraisal of the language learning outcomes from the previous activities.
O3- LiteracyAct Tutorials: Production of 3 video tutorials based on the above described workshops and resulting performances (O2)
O4 – LiteracyAct Handbook: Training people to form communities, a handbook for social workers / teachers / artists willing to improve social / cultural literacy through theater practices.
05- LiteracyAct Impact Evaluation Guide Lines: Evaluation tool for assessing the impact of theater practices in language / social literacy improvement.

Expected results:
– developing new methodologies for literacy skill development through theater
– increasing at local / national / European level the awareness on need of motivating, and effective basic skills teaching strategies
-wide visibility and exploitation of the educational / training tools elaborated through the project’s products
– creating a Europewide network of educational / cultural associations actively involved in theater-based literacy improvement
-promoting and sharing cooperatives, creative innovation among professionals, associations and institutions from the adult education / migrants ’issues sector




Asinitas Onlus
Medeber Teatro
Mobilizing Expertize AB
Sozial Label e.V.
Storie di Mondi Possibili
U Learn Ltd[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_empty_space]

Full title: Literacy Act

Project Acronym :Literacy Act

Project Start Date: 01/10/2020

Project End Date:30/09/2022

Programme: Erasmus +

Website: https://www.literacyact.eu

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