and Ethics in Training Centers for benefit of all

We are aiming at developing a more inclusive educational system. The non-responsible practices in training centres have negative impacts on the entire society. Our first objective is to contribute to “sustainable investment, performance and efficiency” by promoting CSR in the European educational field.
Our first task will be to analyse the difficulties European training centres encounter and to use the findings to create tools which will enhance the efficiency and sustainability of training centres. These tools will measure the quality of training, the CSR performance, and the impact of pedagogical, social, and environmental innovations.

With the help of a CSR repository and a self-diagnostic tool, the training centres will be able to measure their overall performance and create a plan of progress. The investment of training centres in their progress will be rewarded by a LABEL, or an evaluation system. Our second objective is “Extending and developing educators’ competences”
Aimed at integrating CSR in the trainers’ practices and in the way vocational training centres are run, our project will promote inclusion, diversity, equality, and non-discrimination in training. It will bring added value to all stakeholders involved at the EU level: trainers, trainees, employers, funders, communities, nature and environment, the European community and future generations.


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December 2021


Ka2 Erasmus Youth


https://e-csr.eu/ ------ https://elearning.e-csr.eu/


France (FormEthic & INEOPOLE), Bulgaria (RIA), Italy (EUPHORIA), Sweden (Mobilizing Expertise AB), Greece (EPIMORPHOTIKIS and DIAS VET), Latvia (MANTEFIELS), Romania ( COMPLEXUL MUZEAL NATIONAL MOLDOVA IASI) and Poland (ARENA I SWIAT).