Breakthrough for Resilience

The Resilience Project has two main goals:

Adult education: Extending and developing the competences of educators and other personnel who support adult learners Social inclusion: Open education and innovative practices in a digital area At the end of the project, partners will have increased skills and competencies in Adult Education and will be able to work in future projects within this field of education as partners or as leading organisations.
The project will be innovative: It will explore the connections between ‘resilience’ and ‘resilience tools’ and people, places, and communities, and also how these three aspects relate to one another to create ‘resilience’ synergies. These connections will be used to create materials and activities for the BfR programme based on new pedagogical approaches, facilitation techniques, and non-formal education activities to create a facilitator-led programme for groups to participate in the UK, Italy, Greece, and Sweden.
Target group : This project will be at the forefront of work with people with fewer opportunities. Fostering resilience is a method directed at those who experience difficulties, and the three aspects that this project wants to focus on, people, place and community, will enable people to develop a methodology for resilience across these areas.

The project will support the professional development of educators, with a special emphasis on mental health workers, coaches, adult educators and youth workers. These will be professionals who make “use of new teaching methods and tools” and work in “informal learning and education” contexts.


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Ka2 Erasmus Youth



EKP&PSY Greece, Vol.To Italy , Mexpert Sweden , The Surefoot uk