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Our Projects

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About the project:


AMICI, Autobiographical Method for Migrants’ and Minorities’ Inclusion in Communities they are living In, is an Erasmus Plus project for Adult Education which aims to implement autobiographical methodologies as tools and to apply them in social work, including a free course entitled “Stories for Change”, that involves social workers, volunteers, cultural mediators and teachers.

as the narratives of self are:

-an opportunity to take care of yourself, find lost strands of your own story, recover important parts of yourself;

-an instrument of personal growth, through the search for “new narratives” of oneself, valuing positive life experiences, elaborating difficult experiences;

-an opportunity to talk about oneself to others, share one’s own story, communicate important experiences and reflections, and reveal unknown or little-known realities;

-a tool to feed intercultural dialogue, thanks to the effectiveness of stories in allowing mutual understanding between people of different cultures, overcoming cultural barriers, prejudices and stereotypes;

-a tool for social action, to propose different visions of reality, affirm rights and nourish changes at local and global level.




Romania  – Asociatia Pro-Xpert – Coordinator

Italia – Storie di Mondi Possibili

Bulgaria – Balkan Agency for Sustainable Development

Sweden – Mobilizing Expertise AB

United Kingdom – Dacorum Council For Voluntary Service Ltd

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Start: 01/12/2018

End: 31/02/2020

Programme: ERASMUS+

Sub-Programme: Ka2 Erasmus Youth

Website: N/A

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