Spatial footprints

Project Tittle : Promotion of Informal Adults’ Digital Education for Spatial and Sustainable Tourism Development

Project Acronym : Spatial FootPrints

Project Code : NPAD-2020/10099

Start Date :10/2020 

End Date :10/2022

Project aim  : the development of new skills in the creation of mapped, pictorial, textual and digital tourism products devoted for spatial dynamic tourism promotion through informal adult education.The studies on spatial dynamic processes is being perceived as alternative activity for adults with support of informal education methods based on digital technologies and systematisation of skills for social and cultural heritage interpretation. The studies of old maps, plans of places, landscapes,pictures, which represent the countries..


Methodological guidelines on spatial dynamic tourism promotion for creation of digital tourism mapped, pictorial and textual products for elaboration of tourism routes based on the Baltic and Nordic spatial footprints.

Informal adults’ education in partner countries in elaboration of spatial dynamic tourism development based on application of digital technologies and methods of heritage interpretation.


Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences (LT-KVK)

LV-Kurzeme Tourism Association (LV)

LV-Kurzeme Tourism Association (LV

EE-Creative Estonia (EE)

SE-Mobilizing Expertise AB (SE)