Self mate

Project Title: Self mate

Project Acronym: Self mate

Project Code: 2018-1-SE01-KA204-039093

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Project Aim :

SELF-MATE aims to create a knowledge/competence foundation for adult migrant households (25+) and train educators of migrants in a number of key topics, such as:

  1. Financial accounting and family economics management
  2. Consumers rights and digital transparency
  3. Supporting them through agile digital learning & financial assessment material on digital skills (compatible with everyday work and endeavors)
  4. Access an e-learning platform to give practical guidance in different life situations, focusing on transversal competencies and download explanatory material in different European languages (English, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, and Turkish)

Moreover, this project aims to empower migrant women and raise awareness about their concrete contribution in terms of family economy as well as in those uncountable values of safety and protection.

Partners :

GoEurope · Asociación Intercultural Europea Spain

Mobilizing Expertise Sweden

Kairos Europe United Kingdom

Polygonal Italy


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