Project Title: PLAY-IN Gamification and social innovation to combat the increase of xenophobia in EU

Project Acronym: PLAY-IN

Project Code:2018-2-ES02-KA205-011640

Start Date :

End Date :

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Project Aim :

This project aims to generate a positive tolerant and integrative view of migrants and refugees by working with sensitizing actions towards youth, that can act as a catalyst and generate integrational messages and attitudes and fight against racist and xenophobic views in the 6 European partner countries.

Partners :


1. Action synergy- Greece

2. Jovesolides- Spain

  1. Mobilizing Expertise

4. Aris Italy

  1. Citizens in Power- Cyprus
  2. KOMUNKUJEME- Czech Republic

Results :

The project is going to develop:

a) A specific innovative methodology based on Gamification to promote social awareness related to the content of this project.

b) A training activity with youth workers from partner countries in order to get trained in the innovative method designed towards an inclusive Europe;

c) Training workshops with the youth population in each partner country;

The project will also develop a methodology PLAY-IN, a study about the use of gamification in favor of social inclusion) in order to share openly the generated knowledge through diverse dissemination actions.

The project has been approved by the Spanish National Agency and is coordinated by Jovesolides.