Project Title: 2 VIP – Video Virtual Reality for successful youth Participation in democratic life

Project Acronym: 2VIP

Project Code: 2020-1-IT03-KA227-YOU-020702

Start Date:01 Oct2020

End Date:31 March 2023

Website: https://2vip.ftsnet.it/

Project Aim:

  • Promote the participation of young people in civic life and in general promote citizenship skills for a democratic culture by offering innovative and interactive non-formal educational tools.
  • Develop communication and ITC skills, learning new methods to engage young citizens through virtual reality and the creation of participatory videos.
  • Implement high-quality learning opportunities by seeking methodologies tailored to the specific needs of individuals, particularly with marginalized groups (which are more difficult to reach and engage).
  • Promote the international dimension of non-formal education for a democratic culture.


ASociatia Pro-xpert- Romania

Mexpert- Sweden

Centru Edukacji i Badan Spoleeznych – Poland

Real Time- UK


– training days to enhance the professionalism of the youth workers involved, trying to make them more flexible in adapting their methods and tools to the needs of a new generation of young people who are increasingly active, innovative, and creative

– a flexible toolbox for the use of Virtual Reality and Participatory Video in the non-formal education of young people

– meeting between the participating partners in order to exchange good practices