Breakthrough for Resilience

Project Title :Breakthrough for Resilience: People, Places, and Communities

Project Acronym :Resilience

Project Code : 2019-1-DE02-KA204-006098 

Start Date :01-09-2019

End Date :31-08-2022

Website :

Aim :

This project shows different approaches and resilient tools, models, methods and

have been carried and tested in different places by different people and different communities and having a wider pool of tools will increase the likelihood that participants will find one that suits their needs to address ongoing stress, difficulties and challenges. In turn, the partnership will deliver a comprehensive methodology for resilience that will consider examples from the four participating organisations and increase the availability of resilience tools.

Program:  Erasmus+


Partners :

The Surefoot Effect, CIC United Kingdom

Volontariato Torino Italy

Etairia Koinonikis Psixiatrikis kai Psixikis Ygeias Greece

Mobilizing Expertise Sweden

Result :

Course / curriculum – Training scheme

Learning / teaching / training material – Toolkit

Learning / teaching / training material –Audiovisual material

Learning / teaching / training material – Manual /handbook / guidance material