OPEN CAFE: Winter Cafe

Blog post written by one of the youth leaders of OPEN CAFE

On September 17, 2019, together with young people in classroom number of 9, we had a meeting at the school near the Forum in Örkellunga. We had an Open Cafe time during which we talked about winter sports. Everyone was happy and they liked what they did. Everyone talked about favourite sports and their experiences with sports in their lives.

As a winter sport we also chose snowball fight! What do you think? Can be a winter sport? We thought it can be and a fun winter sport!

If you think you have interesting experiences on this or you have new ideas, then come next time and enjoy the time with us!

We also had Fika. It was actually interesting, because we ate some cakes with cinnamon which is also related to winter. Everyone has been enjoying their time and they want to come again next time!