Personal Finance: The personal finance topic was an in depth topic that included a lesson plan, all of the countries involved in the project used the same guidelines for the cafe to what is assumed as a big success.

The session with the topic of Personal Finance had a fully thought out lesson plan, there were several activities spaced in between, with energizing activities after a break in the center of the session, it helped people to realise the situation they are in and open an avenue of difference throughout the world, there was a quiz, about how much things cost and a budgeting plan based on the average salary of the country.

It was an interesting experience to see who would focus more on certain aspects of budgeting such as food, rent, luxuries, public transport over cars and how that affected their overall ability to but money in a savings account, after the budgeting was completed, we discussed how people could reallocate their spending in order to have a more efficient financial situation.