Just recently we had a Kultural cafe that focused on different language quirks between France, and Persian, the alphabet and a long discussion about religion and how that is affecting countries.

It was learned and shared that in french they have a strange way of labelling and writing some numbers, and in Persian how the largest letter is at the end of a word and not at the start, and also how the ‘letters’ are more characteristic of sounds rather than individual letters. 

There was a long discussion then about religions and what countries have the biggest followings of which religions and how even within the same religion there is a separation of ideals while the beliefs are largely similar. And how even recent history caused a divide between two different groups of the same religion and what percentage of people follow which aspect, and how the way the can pray is different but has the same effect.

In between these heavily structured cafe’s we have peer led discussions, and activities as well, for example, there was a holiday for the town of Örkelljunga, there were discussions and topics based on that fact, we find that if we have to few people for the structured sessions it is best to lead the small group with slight improvisation as the prepared activities for the associated topics would work best with decent sized groups of people, even though this is a choice we make we have found that the enjoyment of participants is just as high as that of those who are a part of pre-formulated topics.






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