Open Cafe- Cultural Shocks

Mobilizing Experts held another kultural cafe in Sweden, but this time the focus was Cultural shocks, and arriving in Sweden, People were slow to come to the session that was held, as it was just a full school day, but there was hot drinks and snacks provided as Fika for those interested, Throughout the entire session there was lots of things that shocked people about moving to Sweden, for example, those who partook in physical social activities quickly learnt that in Swedish locker rooms, people shower without any clothes on, this is a large culture shock to many people who are present in that situation for the first time. Also how quiet it can be on the street, not having people yelling or shouting over each other, the sparse amount of people hanging around in the town of Örkelljunga. Interspersed throughout the evening cafe, we had various energizers ranging from verbal games, ‘Say the same action’ or physical energizers ‘Swedish Samurai’.