Open Café – 28/09/2021

This week the topic was… a riddle!


In fact, we used the famous song of Vivaldi to help participants to guess the day topic.

Well, do you get it on your side ?


Too easy, the topic was SEASONS.


We had participants from France,…. (put as you want Sushi 😃)

After this little game and a discussion around The 4 seasons song by Vivaldi, we still talked about culture. We tried to describe the set of four paintings produced by Giuseppe Arcimboldo “The Four Seasons” by sharing our feelings, our opinions, our understanding about these 4 paintings. We then exchanged around the difference season in the world, the impact of the climate change on its and, how to protect our natural season changing one thing in our routine life. At the end, we finished by sharing our preference in each season, our memories linked with one season or celebrations and finally, by playing Kahoot and testing our general knowledge on a 10-question quiz (some questions created debate and that, we love a lot 😊)


Thank you everyone for joining and see you for the next Open Café!

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