Online Training for VET Teachers

Simply Digitally Included Project Workshop

📅 Event Date: January 15th-16th, 2024

🌐 Virtual Workshops

We’re thrilled to share highlights from the recent online workshop-meetings hosted by the Partnership for the Simply Digitally Included project! 🌟
The project’s mission is to educate and equip individuals- teachers with tools and methods to support the social inclusion of people with a migration background and refugees in vocational training. With a focus on addressing challenges posed by the Covid pandemic and digital learning formats, the workshops aimed to empower educators and trainers to navigate these unprecedented times.
Participants delved into the project’s objectives, particularly its role in supporting learners with migration backgrounds. Between the shift to digital teaching, a comprehensive toolkit for VET teachers was introduced, comprising four chapters filled with interactive tools and methods. From Kahoot to Padlet, Quizlet to peer learning, attendees explored diverse approaches to enhance inclusivity and engagement in digital classrooms.
The conversation shifted towards fighting cyberbullying and exclusion, offering practical measures and strategies to address these challenges effectively.
-Participants left the workshop feeling inspired and equipped with innovative tools and techniques to navigate the complexities of digital learning and inclusion.

👏 A huge thank you to all participants for their active engagement and contributions to this enriching event!
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