Olivia’s blogpost

My name is Olivia, I’m twenty two, I was born on April first 1999 in Nîmes, France.

I grew up there until 2012 when I moved to Corsica, a little french island, with my mother and my step father. I moved three times during my childhood so i got used to change schools and to make new friends! Even though it was difficult for me to start over, especially because I was so young. But it allowed me to meet a lot of people and to get used to live a new life.

My mom worked in an airport for twenty years, she loves to travel and she speaks a very good english thanks to her teenage years spent in England. I think that’s why I was pretty good in my english classes during my school years, my mom made me love the language and the culture. But when I attended college I quickly realised that studying wasn’t my cup of tea, I got bored and I didn’t enjoy it so I quit. I spent a year trying to get my drivers license (and I did!!), but I was doing nothing else and I was so jealous of my friends. They had their own life, their own place, their studies and I began to think that I had no future because my life wasn’t like theirs.

When I heard about this opportunity, those 4 months in Sweden, I didn’t think twice, I was up for it! My mom was thrilled but I knew she was scared because that’s how I felt too. Scared of letting me go in a foreign country, scared of my absence…

I’m her youngest child, the last one to leave the house, her fear was justified.
But here I am! Doing an internship in a second hand shop, one of the most famous in Sweden. I’m so glad to be here, I’m living something unique, something I’m going to remember my whole life!