Nord Tour Net (3/3) – Learn Swedish Culture Yvonne Gossner

Our third interview was with the owner of Learn Swedish Culture Yvonne Gossner who promotes Swedish Culture to Foreigners, Companies and embassies. The unique idea behind promoting Swedish culture is that Yvonne believes culture is a vital part of mankind and its significance must be made known to people in the world. Meanwhile, her work has impacted positively in the lives of students, migrants, expats, and professionals (non- Swedish) who arrive in Sweden to either work, study or settle down. Yvonne’s mission is to ensure that Immigrants and tourists learn the Swedish culture and their way of life and understand why Swedes do what they do. Yvonne is currently responsible for training non-Swedish staff for companies such as IKEA.  She also teaches both Swedish and German and writes in many newspaper and magazine. She is currently writing a book.