New Intern : Malorie !

Hi! My name is Malorie, I’m twenty four and I was born in the south of France in Narbonne.

During my studies I learned about graphic design, web design, communication, but most of my
studies were centered around video making. I finished my studies a year ago, and because of the
pandemic, I felt very burned out and felt like my creativity was gone. So I decided to take some time
for myself before starting to find a real job. While I was healing my creativity, I heard about the
Erasmus+ program and was really interested. I always wanted to study a semester abroad, but with
the studies I did, I never had the occasion.

One time I worked as an au pair for a month in Oxford, which was really nice but I didn’t have the
opportunity to meet new people. This internship is giving me the opportunity to work with a lot of
people, create new relationships, and learn about different ways of working! I even got the chance to
travel to Greece for a few days for a project with my internship. I have an introverted personality so it
is sometimes challenging but that’s how you grow!

I found the Nordic countries attractive for a long time and was very curious about discovering this
region. Lund is a nice city to live in, it is really charming and it is near big cities like Malmö or even
Copenhagen! So there is a lot to do in your free time. Stockholm is quite far but the trip is worth it. I
went there with some friends for the new year and it was really great, Stockholm has really nice
museums and historic monuments. I hope to have the time to discover more of Sweden before I