My name is Nerea I´m 18 years old, I´m from Valencia, Spain. I came to Sweden because it seemed like a very good opportunity to develop my skills and improve my language. In my city I work as an administrative officer in a company specialized in Laser cutting and engraving with Latest Technology and Machinery and the name of the company is Metaval Abella. I was given this internship opportunity thanks to the practices of my degree program that I was studying. When I am finished here, I will then be able to obtain my degree. I will then have earned along with this job a two-year middle degree at the CIPFP University in Cheste.

I hope that this experience helps me to improve and develop my professional career, and even this is a month internship, which is a short time, I hope it gives me the time needed to improve my English.  Sweden was my first choice when they gave me the opportunity to sign up for the Erasmus scholarship and thanks to my grades, I was able to choose Sweden without any problem. I am incredibly happy to have this great opportunity to learn how companies outside of Spain are organized and how they work. The reason my first choice was Sweden is because it seems to be a wonderful country and very developed in all aspects, both labour and tourism. In conclusion I hope to learn a lot from this experience.