Mumpreneuring in MEXPERT

We interviewed Charlotte, co-founder of MEXPERT as she shares her Mummy/Entrepreneur perspective. 

Why did you choose to be a mum and an entrepreneur? 

It never felt like a choice for me. You could say I was already an entrepreneur and I then had to handle my new role as a mum.  I know it might not seem that easy for others but for me I never wanted to stop working. I enjoy what I do, of course what we create and the opportunities we provide, so I didn’t want that to stop. We face challenges as “female” entrepreneurs and really have to fight the “glass ceiling” but maybe even more when becoming a mum! 

I remember thinking, could I go on maternity leave? Who would do the work? And the number of questions just kept on increasing so I just said I would stay as long as I could! And i’m still here and working. Leaving that responsibility felt impossible, MEXPERT is something me and my husband and co-founder have spent time to create, its like our child as well!

Covid 19 has been challenging for our business and many other small businesses that rely on travelling. But working from home has been a nice change and quite helpful for me toward the end of my second pregnancy and looking after our son. 

Why does Mumprenuring work for you?

It has its challenges. Sometimes it doesn’t work and we have to go back to the drawing board. But it’s a fulfilling way to live and work. I cannot imagine working in any other way. I have the space to make a difference and also show my son women are still a valuable part of the work force even after having children. 

What support do you have or what support do you need? 

I think society needs to give women and parents more choice and become more accepting for them to return to work. And also not judge their decision to return or not return to work. 

I think we are mostly grateful to our partners and the people we work with who are understanding and know we are a family founded business. I think I manage my time so much better as well. I prioritise my work better. This is very important to me. Woman can be mothers and successful entrepreneur, I really believe in this!