IWD2022: Mothers, founders and managers

It’s been a while since i’ve written a blog post but I thought International Women’s Day was my day to start again! We are continuing to work and inspire our members to support women’s issues here in Sweden. International Women’s Day is one of the opportunities we take advanced of throughout the year. We want to celebrate the achievements of women and girls across the globe in every part of society.

During the past two years, networking and connecting with other women-led organisations and companies has been very challenging. Not only were we faced with a global pandemic but our growing family took priority and I became a mum for the second time. Something I heard today while attending an IWD2022 event in Minc Malmo, really resonated with me. As mothers, founders and managers we have to fit ourselves into many roles at the same time. As women, we need to feel we can keep that bridge open between our companies and family. Our companies are really extension of us, its what we are proud of and as women we should be able to have both; a family life and successful businesses. In our case, MEXPERT is an extension of our family’s values and what we want to share and change in the world. One most importantly being gender equality!

Now we are entering a post-covid world, we want to use what we learnt during the pandemic to help women and girls to strive and achieve their goals easier. One way we are already doing this is through the FLAVIE project. Fighting Loud Against Violence in Europe.@FLAVIE.EU   that seeks to share awareness-raising, informative materials and training tools on victims of violence in Europe.

 We recognise both the younger and older generations have ideas and knowledge to share. That’s why this year we are going to work towards inspiring the younger generations and encourage intergenerational working on women empowerment.