“Mobilising Dreams”

“Mobilising Dreams” is the new project carried out by Mobilizing Expertise together with Drawing Dreams Initiative, a community-based organisation from Kenya, and related to women´s condition in Kenya. The aim is to provide expertise and knowledge to adults and young people about menstrual health. Through a first online meeting on the 9th of June 2021, both organisations agreed on the use of Media and Arts as the main tools to make a social impact, to draw awareness in the Kenyan society and to improve women’s daily lives.
The project would rely on the creation of toolkits. As the system of education is lecture-based in Kenya, the partners thought about creating a comic book as a toolkit to guide the target group in the teaching and learning. Film-making knowledge and equipment would also be brought to the project. Two Swedish trainers have also been suggested to visit Kenya, in order to teach creative drama as a means to serve the project. All this would constitute a full three-day training, involving guest speakers and gathering regular and occasional volunteers from the Kenyan partner.