MEXPERT at “She Told Me A Story”

⭐️Gold star if you can spot me ⭐️

What a night. After 7 years in Sweden I finally found a place I felt at home. When women support women – magic happens!

With open ears 👂 I sat and just listened clapped, laughed and maybe nearly cried. Reasonating with so many women in that room.

Is it really okay to ask someone where they are from? What are more creative or impactful ways we can introduce ourselves as women or just as human beings?

I can definitely say the question “so where are you from?” starts 90% of my conversations here. It’s my go to question. For me it’s safe. Something I can easily ask. 🗣️
For me I always ask if I hear a native British accent. I love hearing a voice or accent I recognize. It reminds me that my English home isn’t too far away. And by some miracle I might meet someone that comes from my tiny West Midlands village Penkridge. It’s yet to happen but maybe one day.

Thank you She told me a story!