Meet Gabrielle !

Hi everyone, to day we present you Gabrielle !

“Hello, I’m Gabrielle, a French girl who dreams about traveling and discover new culture. I’m in Erasmus+ program in Lund, in Sweden.  A very cozy city with beautiful landscapes and buildings, making a warm atmosphere.

My internship developed in Erikshjalpen second hand, a big shop who earns money with second hand things for solidarity. I take care of the coffee inside the shop, help customers to find what they are looking for, help to sort out gives… Multiples tasks who allows me to exchange all the time and improve my English.

Of course, it’s a really good experience who permits me to develop my English language, it’s also an opportunity to discover new culture, new people, new professional and personnal skills. My favorite tradition is the “FIKA”, a break who consist to drink a coffee and eat a cookie or a sandwich on the daytime, a tradition that I will keep in France I think. 😊
Also, I had the possibility to visit different big cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm or Malmö. It’s a whole journey who mixed learning, discover and meeting. I will advise this opportunity to everyone.”