Let’s talk about music!

Let’s talk about music!

The first open café that was launched at the Rönnen residence in Malmö on the 20th February 2020 was about music.

We started introducing ourselves by telling our name, the country we come from and our favorite music, which gave us the opportunity to discover new artists and songs that we don’t know and get to know each other’s favorite band or music styles.



We also had a “music blind test” which was a more interactive way to deal with the topic: there were two teams and we played some songs; the goal was to guess the artist’s or band’s name and the title. In order to make it more inclusive, there were 4 different music styles so people could participate depending on what they prefer listening to. Rock was definitely the favorite one and we could see how competitive people were!



It was a good opportunity to spend some time together as most of the time everyone is busy while working or studying during the week. We could notice that music also creates bridges between people even if they come from different countries and it showed its international influence and timelessness.






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