Let’s introduce Francesco !

Hey! I’m Francesco, I just joined Mobilizing Expertise as an intern for a few months!

I am 21 year’s old guy from Italy, and I have been living in Sweden for almost a year now.

I’m a student at Malmö University in the faculty of European Studies. I’m in my second year and I am starting this internship to learn more what it is like to work in my field of studies.

Through this internship, I hope to understand better what it means to participate in European Projects and in an organization that works with these projects. I would also like to build my career network in professional setting and start approaching these working environments with positive attitude.


I think Mobilizing Expertise can help me to gain some experience on what it is like to work in a social field. I am interested in helping people and allowing them to acquire new experiences and knowledges within society.


It is my goal to work in one of the institutions of the European Union. I have always been fascinated by the EU and its projects as well as the way the core values are promoted. I think Mobilizing Expertise will assist me attain the skills and knowledge I need to achieve my career path after school.   I am looking forward to bringing my personal experience to good use within the operations here at Mobilizing Expertise.