Last management meeting CSR-2-VET

Reaching the End

The CSR-2VET project, led by Sweden, concluded its final management meeting in Athens, Greece, on October 9, 2023. This initiative, supported by the European Union and involving partners from Greece, Turkey, Sweden, Portugal, and Italy, is dedicated to transforming Vocational Education Training (VET) through the lens of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). During this gathering, a new Turkish partner, “Şile Ayet Azer Aran Savunma Sanayi Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lises,” joined, adding diverse perspectives to the project.

The discussions centered on utilizing CSR resources to elevate VET, and the project’s website offers valuable tools such as CSR resources, exemplary instances of social impact, and educational courses. The team strategized upcoming actions to engage the community, enhance project visibility, and foster collaboration. CSR-2VET extends an invitation to all interested parties to participate in reshaping the VET sector, with a focus on promoting inclusivity and social

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Call to Action

Subscribe to the CSR2VET website for updates and to contribute to the dialogue on CSR in VET. The project unites partners to achieve ambitious goals, aiming to improve underprivileged individuals’ engagement in VET, enhance employability, and raise awareness of social responsibility in vocational education. CSR-2VET is a transformative movement for a more inclusive and socially responsible VET sector, urging collective participation in reshaping the future of vocational education.

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