Introducing Sandy: “I hope to gain more insight to the Erasmus Plus Projects”

Lamptey Sandra is my name, a recent graduate from Lund University (Sweden). I studied Msc Development Studies. I am 28 years and originally from Ghana. During my master’s thesis writing process, l decided to apply for internship within Sweden to enable me to apply the skills and experiences l gained in school. In the process of this journey, I was offered an internship position at Mobilising Expertise as a Project Assistant Intern. Although my educational choices have evolved around academic subject, I have also found enjoyment and creativity in Non-formal trainings and Social Inclusion projects. This is where Mexpert comes in as on board as my internship program align will my field of interest. Mobilizing Expertise aims making people and knowledge easy to access to create manageable, understanding, and meaningful outcomes.

As an individual, l love to travel, watch documentaries, read, and cook. My expectations at the end of the internship is be able to explore, understand and analyse research-based tools as well as gain more insight to the Erasmus Plus Projects.