Internship Programme :MEXPERT &IKF

I’m Marwa from Maison de l’Europe in the south of France, and with Mexperts I did an internship in a women’s organization called IKF Malmö.
I had a big chance to come to Sweden as a young intern and I had a great experience. I worked most of my time in Erasmus + projects, creating and following the process of developing new experiences and new ideas for the projects.
The one that touched me the most was SUSENT, a project about teaching young women from everywhere how to create their own businesses in handmade cosmetics.
I really loved knowing in detail how the business mindset works, and how to start from A to Z.
I recommend going outside of our country, not just to visit but to experience and to live on our skin every little thing that makes a difference for the rest of our lives.
Love, live, and be open to the humans it worth🌻
Marwa from Nîmes