Internship from Spain to Sweden !

Hello, here is the testimony of Gonzalo about his internship in Sweden. Hope you will enjoy it !

“My name is Gonzalo. I am from Spain, although, I have travelled and lived in a few countries. Before this, I lived in Dublin for 3 years and in Brisbane (Australia) for 1 year. It was after starting my degree in International Trade in Spain that I felt like I needed to go travel again. After applying for an Erasmus program, I finally was able to come to Sweden and do my internship here. Why Sweden? I have always been fascinated about Scandinavian countries and how they work in a daily basis.

I got the opportunity of working with a company related to designing and distributing healthy baby products. The environment at the work place is super nice and people is really welcoming and helpful. I am truly gaining a lot of experience in international markets and developing and bringing as much value as I can to the company. So far it has been a really nice experience and with time I am starting to do tasks that imply more responsibility.

Moving to living in Sweden, I live in a pretty big apartment next to Triangeln Station in Malmö. I think Malmö is a good city to live in because it has a nice balance between coziness and social life. It’s a big city according to Swedish standards but it’s not as crowded and hectic as the usual big European cities. I would recommend it to people that appreciate this balance. The advantage of living in Malmö is that it’s close to different countries, you can travel by train to Copenhagen in less than 30 minutes.

I am grateful for having this chance and I am looking forward to seeing what else is coming.”